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Goat life cycle clarifies the stages of the complete method


Goat life cycle clarifies the stages of the complete method

goat itself turns out to be one of the groups of animals that are included in the group of mammals that are mostly cultivated by humans for many benefits.Every day nothing of this animal is wasted except for a place to collect its feces. 

but also manure from goats can also be used by farmers to be used as fertilizer to be useful in fertilizing the soil. So, friends, don't you know how the goat's life cycle is, just see the article below.

Goat characteristics 

This four-legged mammal is a star and prima donna for breeders in the field of goat farming, which is a species of wild goat and is domesticated or tamed. The body size of the goat is quite large, not as big as a cow, while the length and size depend on each type of goat. 

It can be seen clearly in the adult kambibg, the shape of the forehead is convex, has a tail horn that rises upwards and the hair of the goat is also rough, the goat has a flat and slanted pupil shape.

Some types of goats have a long wattle on their neck and their voice is one of the characteristics of this animal. In the animal grouping system, besides being able to show the characteristics of animals that lay eggs, Brata, goats are also included in a group of animals called herbivorous mammals, mammals that eat grass.

 Goats have a stomach divided into four parts which are useful for helping their digestion to be more efficient. Whereas for newborn goat pups, the digestive system is monogastric or united with other newborn animals. 

In the classification of goats itself, it can be seen from the nails which are usually even or called the meaning of Dila, the sexual development of goats gives rise to mammalian characteristics, namely being able to give birth and breastfeed.

Life cycle stages 

Goat phase 

The first stage of this cycle is goat puppies, but not all of them are the same, depending on the breed. For example, from Etawa goats, which have a body weight of 3.3 kilos, while for ordinary goats, they weigh 1.3 kilos.

The same is true and like other living things, the goat has a time to grow depending on the mother.

in the digestive system, the parts of the goat and the goat are not completely perfect, therefore in meeting the nutritional needs of the parts and the goat is usually obtained from the mother for breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding phase

the goat has passed the first phase, then the next one, the goat will enter the breastfeeding phase. The first milk that is released from the mother is called riotous colostrum. It has many properties that can be used as antibodies for the kid to stay healthy. 

The mother herself will breastfeed her cubs for up to five to six months for a long time. In addition, young goats who are less than 1 year old only have teeth that are not yet fully permanent. however, the second taste is that the goat pups can chew their own food and can stimulate the development of the rumen.

In this second phase, goat sires will be squeezed and taken their milk by the breeders because and many people already know that goat's milk has many benefits and benefits.

Adult goat phase 

Tom Tom, the goat can enter into the adult phase, in this phase the goat puppies are no longer breastfeeding and ask for milk from the mother who can be said to have entered the adult phase In this phase, usually goats will try and mingle in the surrounding environment and yes, yes, they will try to interact with other goats to find social status. 

however, there are many species of wild goat that usually live alone in their habitat. The female goat will lead the group which usually consists of 6 to 21 goats. Wake up to the task of coconut milk to be in charge of protecting the female group.

 Lust phase 

The gap in the goat enters the adult phase, then the goat goes into the lust phase. The impression itself is usually a sign that the goat is mentally ready to breed.

for female and male types of goats will show behavior in the desire or signs for the opposite sex to carry out the name of breeding Usually female goats often move their tails so that the male goats see them,

while in the morning we males will issue a new gland that is on top of their head or commonly called a horn to attract the attention of female goats.

Marriage phase

After the goats show their behavior and are ready to be mated, then we male or you go to Bali, female goats will enter the language of marriage which is commonly known as estrus. 

Jesus himself had an ovulation in a female goat. This goat animal continues to be included in the police, namely Herman, who is able to carry out the phase of lust several times in a period of 1 year. So that goats can mate several times in 1 year.

Period of pregnancy 

The 6th stage of the goat's life cycle, namely the goat will experience pregnancy. This phase occurs usually for livestock goats. In goat pregnancy it usually takes 160 days while the wild goat during Mila's period can reach 170 days long enough if it enters the pregnancy period.

 Childbirth phase  

The last stage of the goat is that the goat can give birth by usually giving birth to one to two cubs in one delivery, the time it takes for female goats to give birth is 15 minutes. When the goat gives birth to the mother, it will eat the placenta from the goat food that has been born from the mother. 

This is done because Indo will get nutrition after giving birth to a goat and the sire licks the child's hair until it is clean. Goat behavior in cleaning or looking at the hair of the goat children so as not to invite goat predators. After this process, the child who was born for the first time, the goat will learn to stand up and ask for milk from the mother to keep it alive and growing.

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