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Frog Life Cycle Benefits of Frogs for Humans


The life cycle of frogs is one of amphibians, namely animals that can live in two realms on land and in water. Words or frogs are very easy to find in Indonesia, but it turns out that frogs and frogs have their own differences.

Kata has smooth skin and has a very wide range of red brown yellow green. Meanwhile, frogs only have a rough color and have spots on their bodies.

The word itself can be found in rice fields which have hot and humid temperatures. But what about the frog life cycle? If friends still don't know, this article will discuss about it.


Frog Life Cycle Phase

The word or toad has a unique life cycle, for example what I have said above, that frogs are animals that can live in two realms on land or in water when the word has become an adult frog.

But if there is a marriage, the process of laying eggs in kata will usually be done in water. When laying eggs, frogs can produce up to 5,000 to 20,000 eggs at a time.

Eggs issued by the parent word will be displayed in water or in a tree for the word to live in the forest. For more details, the following is an explanation of the frog's life cycle.


Egg Phase

The first process in the frog's life cycle is the marriage between two words which will later become frog eggs that can produce eggs in a number of changes but not all of them can hatch.

This is due to other factors, namely internal and external, which occurs in eggs. If these two factors support it, it can be said that the frog eggs will hatch in a very large number.

For the influence of internal factors, namely the genes of the parent frog. If the parent has a good game then the eggs will also be good and will not be easily damaged. The texture of frog eggs itself is chewy and very easily damaged.

It turns out that the inside of the frog eggs also has a kind of egg yolk which later functions as a food source for the words in the egg.

Meanwhile, external factors are water currents or predators that eat frog eggs and human activities. Therefore, water is the most suitable place to breed said eggs so that later you can avoid things that are not desired by frog eggs.

However, the frogs that live in the egg tree have shells that can be useful in protecting the eggs from heat, while the frog species that live in forests usually lay eggs on the back of the male frog.

The male word will always protect the eggs from various threats, the eggs will become larvae when they reach 21 days of age.

Tadpole Toad


After the frog eggs that had hatched will

And frogs enter the age of tadpoles or tadpoles for less than 6 days. These tadpoles are still weak and their organs are not yet perfect until they reach the age of 8 to 10 days. Then later tadpoles have organs that can be said to be perfect and they can find their own food, namely algae. .

When they reach this age the tadpole can breathe using its gills. The gills on the tadpole are covered with skin and enter the body so that later when it is inside the young frogs can breathe also using the lungs.

It is at this stage of a frog's life that it is the most important and the most lyrical because this stage also begins to form thin teeth of small frogs.

When it is 6 weeks old, the frog starts to show its real self and is exchanged for 2 legs in front and ankles on the back with long dimensions.

In this phase, the tadpole will enter the next stage, namely the stage of young frogs and said young frogs will be able to eat insects but those that have died and enter the water.


Young Frog Phase

After passing through the tadpole phase of frog life which then enters the phase of a frog that is 12 weeks old or a young frog. At this time also young frogs still have tails from the rest of the tadpoles but their tails are very short and may not be visible.

The young frogs can breathe using the lungs as permanent respiration. When the young frogs also start living on land, they can adapt themselves to the food of insects, either dead or living insects.

The process of adjustment or adaptation is carried out so that later when they become adults they can be independent and avoid predators who want to eat themselves.


Adult Frog Phase

In the last phase of the frog's life cycle, the word will become an adult, which is 16 weeks old. At this time, the word has a perfect body shape and becomes a predator for the small insects that are around the frog's adaptation.

Adult frogs spend their time on land and will return to the water when they are ready to reproduce. Map tor that also threatens frog eggs is like other large animal lizard eels.


Benefits of Frogs for Human Life

Frogs are ancient living things that have existed for thousands of years and even frogs can survive various kinds of climate change and the following weather are the benefits of frogs for humans:

1. At this time the word is widely used to eat the famous food from the word is this food is usually made by people in China because it tastes delicious and delicious and the price is also quite cheap.

2. There are also some areas of East Java who use their eggs as pepes although this is not prohibited, it is better to maintain the sustainability of frogs.

3. Frogs can also be used for fishing bait that mainly uses tadpoles or small words.


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