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Dragonfly life cycle Stages and classification


The life cycle of the dragonfly and the life cycle of the telephone dragonfly are ancient insects because they have lived since 300 million years ago. like other insects le Bola Reza or the dragonfly's body itself is divided into three parts in the form of the large chest of the head with 4 wings plus 3 pairs of legs on the abdomen which have 10 segments.

well, all of you friends who know that all types of animals in this world must experience the name cycle of life, it can even be said that all living things as well as what happens to this type of dragonfly experience a life cycle. 

dragonflies themselves or animals that have imperfect metamorphosis. For more details, just go to the main discussion.

Dragonfly life cycle stages 

Dragonfly life cycle is included in this imperfect metamorphosis life cycle. It can be interpreted that it changes only through three stages, the three stages are the phase of the egg nymph, the last is an adult dragonfly. 

Egg phase 

The first cycle of the life cycle of the dragonfly is eggs. The dragonflies have eggs when the male dragonflies mate with the female. The male dragonflies succeed in fertilizing the ovaries of the female dragonflies with spermatozoa. 

for the form of male and female dragonflies can be distinguished very easily from looking at the tail alone. This type of female dragonfly has the characteristics of a scissor-like tail, usually there are 2 sharp ends of the tail. 

The standard for male dragonflies only has a tail like a fountain pen. if you want to find out, you can see that there are two types of villages close together, so surely that is where the dragonflies are doing the mating process to produce eggs. 

After the marriage between the female and the male village can be said to be successful, the female branch contains the eggs when the dragonfly eggs are ready to be removed from the female dragonfly's body, the eggs are usually placed in a place where the eggs grow, such as in water plants.

The nymph phase 

after the first period has passed, the time that the chairman enters into the nymph phase. The nymphs begin to form when the dragonfly eggs reach an age of approximately 7-14 days.

 in this phase the dragonfly eggs can hatch and will form a nymph. The place that the nymph usually uses for shelter is in the water but also if the place lives on land, the nymph can move position.

 Missed the info earlier, they can survive and find food from other animals as food in this phase, so the other is ablution, which is the most important food for nymphs. with the feeding process, this phase is the phase of interaction between animals in which dragonfly nymphs become predators of tadpoles. The ability that dragonfly nymphs can have in maintaining life. 

Adult dragonfly phase 

The latest hickey theories are in the form of adult dragonflies or dragonflies. good night, there are skin changes and changes that are experienced in terms of the shape of the dragonflies from small to adults. the process for the dragonfly skin parts can take a long time up to 4 weeks to 5 years.the length of time it takes to moult the dragonfly itself can be influenced by environmental conditions.

 How to breed dragonflies 

Dragonflies are insects or insects because after mating the male dragonflies will go with the female dragonflies wherever and whenever they go.when a female dragonfly eats an egg then that is the most dangerous time for the safety of the dragonfly egg. Female dragonflies can concentrate and produce eggs. 

Female dragonflies lose alertness to predators such as birds. Then the male village will protect by flying over the female camp. When the dragonfly eggs hatch, they will become dragonfly larvae. So the dragonfly lives and develops in the waters until it undergoes a metamorphosis process into a nymph. Then this fatan comes out and becomes an adult dragonfly.

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