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4 price lists for the latest Mitsubishi cars


4 price lists for the latest Mitsubishi cars -

4 price lists for the latest Mitsubishi cars - Mitsubishi cars are an excellent product that has had many users until now. Because it consists of many models, its use is adjusted to the needs of a photo. This year Mitsubishi released a new model.

car specifications and facilities are designed in such a way and are added to show a sophisticated and modern side. Starting from a small Mitsubishi car, its capacity is like or bigger, a pick-up car and many more. Car models and very varied prices can make you get many choices when you want to buy a Mitsubishi car.

Andra will later be able to choose a Mitsubishi car based on your needs, such as the use of a car rental transportation, family, shuttle or something else. To get the latest and most reliable references regarding the latest Mitsubishi cars, plus prices and all specifications about Mitsubishi cars.

3 latest Mitsubishi cars and their prices

1. Mitsubishi Pajero sports car

The first car to be included in the list of Mitsubishi cars is the Pajero sport. Many people think that only the rich can own this car. Is it true? It is true, because the price of this car model is expensive when compared to the usual type of car. At least, to be able to buy this car, you spend 400 million or more to be able to buy 1 unit of a Pajero sports car.

The Pajero sports car specifications consist of several types of variants. Among them are the 4 * 2 and 4 * 4 variants which are also equipped with an automatic system or manual transmission. For variants that are four times four are usually priced at a higher price, reaching 500 million in one car purchase.

2. Mitsubishi Triton car

This one car, the Mitsubishi Triton, is available in two main variants, namely double cabin and single cabin. Generally, this car is suitable for those of you who are looking for a specification car for the transportation of goods that is powerful and has a very sporty design.

It can also be said that this car has a sporty design and is also equipped with a 2,477cc diesel engine, so that this car allows so much torque. The price of this car is priced at around 300 million. This monilone has 5 types.

3. Mitsubishi expander

This car is a car that is included in the list of best-selling Mitsubishi cars in the Indonesian market. The price of the xpander car is cheaper when compared to the cars we have mentioned above. Especially if you pay attention to the xpander seeds offering complete features for family cars.


The following is my article this time about 3 lists of Mitsubishi cars, hopefully reading them can add to the insight of all friends, thank you for reading.

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