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way of business pieces


way of business pieces

Way of business pieces - the way to be able to calculate the results of this joint venture is a question that exists when we run a joint venture with friends or relatives or other people, it is not uncommon for the authorities to have a joint venture of business partners to be able to build a business especially if they later want to build a business with debt to a bank Before running a business with friends, it is better if you first discuss the distribution or the benefits you get. 

What percentage of the finance will be received from each joint venture that will be built for the business, the provisions must be made from the start. 

How to share the results with the right portion 

As we know that usually the profit sharing from a joint venture is in the capital given by each business participant who wants to run this is the thing that underlies a profit scheme where the sharing system is a fixed portion. 

in fact that a business operation is not only with capital but also we must have one of you and the experience of the joint venture participants says that profit sharing is not only from capital but also from their contribution to the business that will be built later. 

How to share the results of a joint venture with shares 

The method of sharing the results of this joint venture business by using shares has been contained in a Major book entitled Budi your company without money. In this book, it is explained that the function of a performance and the expertise of joint learners must have the parameters and the profit sharing. for the profit sharing of a deduction is adjusted from the contribution of effort, time, your license patent, both capital and There are many other things. 


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