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Lizard life cycle


Lizards are animals that many other reptile animals reproduce by means of ovovivipar and oviparous. Examples of animals whose life cycle does not undergo a metamorphosis process. 

Because the shape is the same as the parent. So for all of you, do you already know that the store is a cartel or the lizard's life cycle? If you don't know, I will immediately give you information about the complete life cycle of lizards from stages to maturity and breed.

 Lizard life cycle stages 

Saudi cup catalyst usually occurs to be useful in reproducing its species as well as for maintaining survival. The life span of a lizard can be briefly started from an egg and will later become a lizard chicks after hatching.

 Adi's lizard will grow up and will be ready to breed and reproduce the same as other animals when it reaches adulthood. Egg phase !!! Lizard eggs are usually produced from an ovoviviparous internal fertilization process that can produce a lot of yolk eggs that grow and develop in the oviduct of the female parent's lizard. 

Reptile animal eggs will usually be coated, whose name is albumen, this layer is very hard when compared to the eggs of other animals. These eggs can be hard due to the lime shell produced by the terior process to protect the eggs. 

The lizard egg embryo can be surrounded by the horizon and amnion. The lizard's eggs will be guarded by the female parent so that they are always warm, usually these eggs are placed in sand or rotten places. Then the egg will hatch and the parent immediately leaves the egg.

 Lizard puppy phase

after the eggs can hatch, they enter the second phase, namely the lizard chicks. The lizard has begun to have an instinct to find a way out of the egg and to fulfill its life needs in the name of the one gem process. For the continuity of its life until the lizard can become an adult. So like other living things Kartal will need to eat.

The word food is very diverse, starting from the fruits of small mammals and other insects. In addition to food itching if it will carry out the respiration process in survival. Unlike the respiratory system of insects, which usually use the trachea and when it comes out, it uses the lungs to breathe.

Although the skin is usually scaly it does not mean that the skin can be used as a place for gas exchange to have scales because it is useful in adapting to dry air. The respiratory system in lizards will be assisted by the moist epithelium in the cloaca. There are types of pulleys that have spare air bags or pockets. Respiration in frogs is usually through inspiration and expiration.

Adult lizard phase  

The most recent life cycle of lizards, namely adult lizards. There are two types of lizards that are ready to carry out the process of reproducing itself or reproducing to later produce young lizards. The type of pulley that requires a breeding process and multiplies in a generative process in animals is generally marriage to be able to produce offspring or children.

The lizard parents do the process, they don't need to look for a lizard partner who has the ability to give birth to children by reproducing asexually. Adult types of lizards will produce a lot of smell that is so strong in the process to attract the attention of the

opposite sex is produced from the glands in the tail. In the mating season, the male sata will fight, the loser will fall and the winner will make a long tongue to the body of the female lizard because it is to get a response from the female lizard.

For self-reproduction, the word will pair up to 5 males at once. So that it can collect a lot of sperm in the abdominal cavity. But what is unique about the word female can determine her gender according to her own wishes.

After the lizards have finished mating, the male will separate, the male will look for the female below, the female will look for a safe place from predators. The hotel egg will be left by the female and always struggling to survive and develop independently and without the help of the mother.

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