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Grasshopper life cycle


This type of animal is included in a grouped group of insects or grasshoppers usually through live eggs or it can be called imperfect entry metamorphosis, as well as omnivorous animals or breed usually by laying eggs.

at this time I will give a little information to all my friends how the life of the grasshopper. Grasshopper life cycle stages !! grasshoppers themselves are a type of the many insects included in the herbivores of the suborder caelifera.

These insects have antennae that are almost 1 times shorter than their bodies and also have a completely short ovipositor. Please help yourself from the truck to enter into an imperfect metamorphosis, the same as dragonflies crickets and cockroaches. for details, the following is an explanation of the grasshopper life cycle The female

 grasshopper lays eggs 

The grasshopper's own life cycle begins with the egg-laying phase, where the female parent will later contain cells and lay eggs. The grasshopper's ability to reproduce occurs when the grasshopper enters the Imago stage or behind it which is an adult. The ability to lay eggs itself is usually said to be owned by oviparous animals.

This animal enters the server not from its type, which is included in the insect group, but from animals that lay eggs such as chickens and others. after the occurrence of the name of fertilization, the female will enter the process of laying eggs.

The time it takes for grasshoppers is approximately 4 days. This process is usually very short due to the influence of the ability from behind itself to be able and able to produce eggs. In addition, the grasshopper can lay and place the eggs in a safe place to store.

 Egg phase

after the grasshoppers can put their eggs in a safe place, then the egg phase will pass for 3 days to lay eggs and for an additional time the grasshoppers are about 10 days so they can hatch. When the egg can hatch, a tiny little grasshopper appears.

However, not all grasshoppers and their eggs can hatch safely because the abilities of the eggs are not the same. In this second life cycle, grasshoppers are still babies and don't have wings, but in terms of their physical form, they are almost the same as adult grasshoppers.

The nymph phase 

When the grasshopper eggs have hatched, then you can enter the third stage of the grasshopper, yes, that's the name of the nymph. In this phase, the grasshopper nymph phase will change its shape 4 times.

 When entering the egg phase, then entering the nymph phase, there will be a stage in the form of a change of skin which aims to make it easier for the grasshopper to form cells in the baby grasshopper. 

When the process of cell formation in the spleen will increase the cells if there is enough space, then after the name change, but the president is not only done by grasshoppers. The name change of skin occurs in other animals such as snakes.

 Imago or adult grasshopper phase  

The process of the last grasshopper life cycle is the Imago process. After molting the skin for 4 times, then the nymph turns into an old grasshopper. Adult films are grasshoppers that already have a large body and also have wings so that the grasshopper was able to survive in the wild.

Adult grasshoppers will have wings after molting the skin for 4 times in a period of 14 days. The grasshopper will also have a larger body size and are ready for the reproductive process. but the device that will survive only 3 weeks according to the research of most scientists. 

But insects can maintain its sustainability by making many and several species of men so that we can find out easily because there are various types of grasshoppers based on their condition and physical condition

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