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complete function characteristics


complete function characteristics

Complete function characteristics - The characteristics of the fungus - the fungus entong can be defeated by a type of mushroom by a group of people. The sound generally does not have chlorophyll and is unicellular in nature. You will know from the organisms of this kingdom there are common fungal characteristics usually used by experts. 

Understanding fungi 

contact itself is a classification or group of heterotrophic living things that cannot make their own food. Fungi are plants that digest food outside the body and absorb substances in their cells. The general way some people usually call fungi with mushrooms but in some people can call it by another name,.

namely yeast even though people often see it that looks not from the species. Fungi have a spore box called sporangium. Ngariung there is a Dispora, an example of a fungus that can form spores is a rhizopus. Instagram of the fungi that make up the shoots, namely saccharomyces. 

Features of the function 

In general, there are several characteristics, including the following. 


The characteristics of a fungus are that the heterotrophs themselves cannot make their own food. Fungi are consumer plants whose lives rely on and absorb nutrients from other organisms. Fungi are plants that digest food outside the body plus the substances are absorbed outside the body and other nutrients. 

His body is a hypha artist 

The body, which is a hyphae, is a feature of the Viva fungal plant or the usual tube-like structure, the forms are composed of conidia and spores. Hyphae is very easy to see and looks like the mycelium. The mycelium is a hyphae that accumulates so much and becomes a mass, so that it can easily diet with the naked eye. 

The umbrella-shaped structure which is also often referred to as toadstool is nothing but a reproductive organ which is also called a carpus in the body of the fruit and it appears at any time. The function of hyphae can be divided into two, namely reproductive hyphae and vegetative hyphae. The function of vegetative hyphae is to take nutrients. Meanwhile, the function of reproductive hyphae is as part of reproduction.

Live in symbiosis 

The characteristics of fungi are that they live in a symbiotic relationship with mutualism. Mushrooms do this apart from absorbing food from other organisms, they can also produce substances that are useful for the symbiosis of fungi. This can be seen in the mycorrhizal fungi that live in the roots of legumes.

Grow normally in humid places 

In general, fungi or fungi live in slightly humid areas and can also live in organic matter and live in saprophytes. Parasites in animals and humans. Earth usually live in humid areas because it reduces the process of evaporation of water in the body of the fungus or fungus. and also does not rule out that fungi can live in areas that are acidic, their habitat in humid places is a natural thing because fungi use bacteria to sustain life. 


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