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Complete chicken life cycle


barnacles itself is a process that every living thing goes through in the world as well as that also goes through by chickens. Chicken itself is a type of chicken length in the world and is very easy to find around us. 

Briefly, the chicken's life cycle starts from the egg phase and ends with the chicken becoming an adult chicken. Cikur from live chickens is called imperfect metamorphosis. well this time I will be noisy with information about what the chicken is in full, just go straight to my friends. 

Chicken life cycle stages 

In life, over time, of course, friends often see that people raising chickens can take various benefits, namely from chicken, eggs and chicken can be sold again. For chickens that are most often used as pets are chickens that are subspecies directly from red chickens or chickens that live in the forest.

The process of the chicken life cycle is the continuity of its development period, which starts from the process of mating chickens from eggs and can develop into adult chickens. The first cycle of the life cycle of a chicken is a chicken egg. 

Chicken eggs are the same as other reptile eggs. This egg is a container that contains a zygote in which the embryo can develop and can live. The chicken embryo will hatch until the time specified in the incubation process, generally the incubation process of chicken eggs can take up to 21 days.

The natural way of chickens using conventional salting methods or can be called incubating the parent. Incubation in the incubation method can be assisted by human intervention, such as using the incubator method incubation.

Chick phase

After experiencing the first phase of the egg, the second is the chicks. When the chicken eggs hatch, the chicken really needs a place where the temperature can be maintained by warmth. therefore at this time it is not difficult to find artificial warmers for chickens.

The growth of chicks can be seen from hatching when they reach 3 days of age. On the third day the children can start and show the characteristics in the form of their genitals that can be seen and changes in wing feathers. 

For chickens whose genitals are male, in general, they will experience slower and longer development of feathers than females. Twitter males 3 to 6 days old will usually show feathers that are similar to coarse needles. as well as at the end of the male chicks wing feathers will be visible and can be seen budding. while going the female chicks wings so I have wider and more open.

 Adult chicken phase

When it has passed the phase whose name is chicks, then the last one is an adult chicken. These photos are also of chickens that have entered adulthood and can and may be ready to carry out what is called the reproductive or mating process. Usually hens are ready to reproduce up to 7 to 8 months old because they already have enough eggs in the body. 

The characteristics of a chicken entering adulthood can be seen with its protruding eyeballs and clean eyes, its toes are elongated and the feet will be dry. The ball surface of an adult chicken will tend to be shiny and radiant.

 How to breed chickens 

in the process of breeding chickens are usually made from what is called fertilization where the egg and sperm meet and later form a zygote. From if it can be an egg. the results of this fertilization will be stored by the hen in her body. The zygote can be stored and produced in the female parent's body which will later become an embryo and is covered by a shell. 

This process takes 24 hours. When the kate hens lay eggs they can issue eggs as long as the eggs are as many as the eggs in the mother's body if they are still there. After the eggs are out and about in the incubation process for up to 20 days and later the chickens can hatch a widow in a chicks. Chicken can lay eggs up to 10 eggs and all of these eggs have a chance to be able to hatch eggs.

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