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Complete bee life cycle


Complete bee life cycle

Complete bee life cycle - bee life cycle process of every animal in the world must have a life cycle that is very diverse. Including the bees. This animal passes from it in the first four stages of the egg and ends up becoming a more mature or Imago. Bees are insects whose metamorphosis falls into the perfect category. 

However, we really need to know that bees live in groups. There is 1 bee that is responsible for reproducing the colony in honey bees, namely the queen bee itself. To find out more about the bee life cycle and bee life cycle, just read my complete article.

Definition of a bee

papa is an insect of many insect species that has a way of living in groups. However, there are also bees whose lives do not like groups. All species of bees belong to the order hymenopetra. In this world there are an abundance of wi-fi bee species nearly 20,000 located worldwide except in Antarctica. This type of insect has three pairs of legs and usually two pairs of wings. 

Some species of bees have 2 antennae on their heads. beehives are usually formed from propolis or the adhesive in tree sap and wax which they produce from the glands of young female bees. Food from bees is nectar and pollen. 

Bee life cycle stages 

as I have leaked above, I was so embarrassed that it must have stages of the life cycle or life cycle of each, as well as this one animal, bees enter a metamorphosis which is said to be perfect because it passes through 4 phases.These phases are larvae pupa eggs and become adult bees. 

Egg phase 

The very first bee life cycle begins with a female bee egg or one that bees lay eggs. The queen bee will lay her eggs in the hive that the colony had made. how to change usually consists of many cells or holes, each of which will be filled by only 1 egg. Any egg has a very small size of about 1.7 mm.

There is a little interesting about the bee egg, there is a division of three castes by the queen bee. The caste referred to by the queen is that each level has a difference in terms of growth and development. the three castes, namely the first bee warrior worker bee and there is also the candidate queen bee.

Each egg is different, is laid by the queen bee in a different nest. as already a little bit above the bee eggs have a Koran that is so small these eggs will hatch and will enter the next stage, namely the Larva stage.

Larva Phase 

Bee barnacles enter the next phase, namely the Larva phase. Marvel has a white color. However, the position of the Larva egg was curled up in the cell. In this phase, humans are usually sought after by humans to feed fish. Because bee larvae grow fast and change their skin 5 times until finally the larvae will go through a process so they forget. 

At this stage the bees will be so greedy that it has been said that bee larvae can eat 1300 times in just one night. Larvae food itself is pollen which is usually carried by worker bees into the hive. By eating this food for about 5 days the larvae can grow to be large compared to that size. When the larva is big, the worker bee will cover it with wax. The closing process is the beginning of the larvae entering the third phase, namely the pupal phase. 


if the bee enters this phase it usually takes 12 days during which the prospective bee experiences a lot of formation and perfection of organ perfection. Organs that can form are the ankles and wings. If the larvae which was reddish in color will turn purple then at the end it will turn black when the 12th day begins to grow fine hairs and the larvae will eat the wax that was used to close the cells. After completing the pupal phasethe next process is to become an adult and developed bee Adult fly 


Imago phase is the last phase of the bee cycle, this phase will start to come out of the nest, bro, ready to do the tasks that have been divided by the queen by caste differentiation. worker bees have advice and a place to forage warrior bees its job to keep the queen bee safe for production and breed to reproduce bees.

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