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Cockroach lifecycle


Cockroach species are insects that have the easiest characteristics to find everywhere. Because these animals can live in various places and can even be found in the bathroom at home or office and there are many more places for cockroaches to live.

Well, all my friends, do you understand how the life of animal dance, one of the things that humans don't like the most, is cockroaches. You are not alone an insect with a life cycle that is part of an imperfect life cycle. 

Cockroach lifecycle 

Cockroaches themselves are insects that can be called a nuisance for humans. Torito cockroach is only included in 3 words so it is called imperfect metamorphosis. The phase that the cockroach goes through is first the nymph egg then it will become an adult cockroach. 

Egg phase

The first cockroach life cycle enters the phase, namely cockroach eggs, which are usually shaped like capsules with a small size, brown in color. Cockroaches will lay their eggs in slum areas or in trash cans, even if they feed in places that are not visited by many people. 

Cockroaches will feel safe if their eggs are placed in that place. Unlike other living things such as butterflies, which usually lay their eggs in plant leaves. Cockroach eggs usually have a hard shell that won't break easily because they are disappointed to have a certain liquid sticking to the eggs. When the cockroach has finished in the egg phase, it is the second phase.

The nymph phase

The second life cycle of a cockroach is a baby cockroach. This nymph is very small and white in color. The nymph will be able to move slowly freely and will gradually change its color to brown. This second photo of the meatball with cockroaches is very vulnerable and does not yet have wings to fly.

The cockroaches themselves will replace the skin so that later the cockroaches will enter into adult cockroaches. However, the nymph ball will survive by looking for its own food that is around. making the time the nymph from the baby will become a young cockroach which will later become an adult cockroach. 

Adult cockroach phase 

when the cockroach has entered and passed the two phases, it is time for the final phase, namely the adult cockroach. at this stage the easy cockroach will slowly and slowly have wings and will later become an adult cockroach. In this phase, the little guy will fly high. 

Both the name of Nang are male and female cockroaches. The difference between young cockroaches and adult cockroaches is only in their size, which is smaller than adults. In the last phase of the cockroach's life cycle, cockroaches will be independent and can forage for food in the wild on their own.

cockroaches will be ready to defend themselves if needed when they are threatened by predators who will eat them later.

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