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Butterfly Life Cycle in Complete


The actual life cycle of a butterfly from life without butterfly metamorphosis is no different from other insects - butterflies are famous for their life cycle process through a unique process. Butterflies usually go through a life cycle divided by 4 phases, first the caterpillar eggs then become pupae and phases. 

the last is to become a mature beautiful butterfly. If the metamorphosis of the butterfly is complete and perfect, then this insect has such a beautiful wing body shape that people will be very happy to see it.

The butterfly itself will mature and have wings with a beautiful blend of colors on its wings. For more details, how is the life cycle of a butterfly that is said to be quite unique: 

Butterfly life cycle stages

As with other insects the butterfly has a metamorphosis which is quite unique and unusual. Contact itself will pass in the stage of the larvae of the larvae or pupa tabs are not active and the spectacular tab becomes the adult form of the butterfly that I have is so beautiful. 

This animal is very easy for us to pick up in areas that have a lot of plants and plants because the cousin is looking for food which comes from flowers in plants. The butterfly itself will have characteristics that are so beautiful and colorful for the size of the butterfly if it varies depending on the types of butterflies.

There is one thing that is unique about this animal, which is the processing it takes when carrying out a very perfect transformation. Even this change in the form of the butterfly dance has been published as one of the favorite research topics of researchers.

 Egg phase 

The stages of the butterfly's life cycle begin with the egg phase, which is the result of reproduction between male and female butterflies. Usually the butterfly sires lay their eggs on tree leaves, this is done because it is easy to monitor them. 

The eggs were pasted in years using substances like glue that he had very strong strength. This is done by the mother because the eggs are always safe and it is not easy for predators to find butterfly eggs.

Caterpillar phase 

earlier, this second one is not liked by many people because it is located where it will hatch and become a caterpillar. Lo itself also has different sizes depending on the type of broodstock of the butterfly. caterpillars are not liked by many people, maybe because this tool has a poison that is horribly shaped its function is only to protect itself from predators.

When the butterfly turu turns into a snake is the form most people fear, because it causes itching if it gets on or touches the fur of the caterpillar. Uniquely, this month can swell its head if there is a predator whose purpose is to protect itself.

The type of poison that snakes have is usually obtained from poisonous plants and possibly insects that are eaten by caterpillars. When the caterpillars are up to 5 to 6 cm long, that's where they are ready to do what is called the pupa or cocoon phase.

 Pupa or cocoon phase 

Butterflies are included in this third language, namely in the form of snakes and can make a shell or cocoon shape. The snake will use a special thread which usually contains silk by being wrapped around itself and attached to the leaf. The yes stage can last 12 days. 

The ball will sleep up to 12 days until when it comes out its shape suddenly turns into a butterfly which is so beautiful. In this stage, the snakes digest their food with the enzymes they have, leaving an important part of themselves behind. The time provided will form such captivating books.

 Adult butterfly phase 

after 3 years of life is complete, the last mass is an adult butterfly. When the cocoons are successful, that's when the beautiful adult butterflies will appear. The butterfly can usually use its inner fluid which is normally used for the cocoon shell. The goal is that the groin is more easily torn by scratching the claws. 

After slowing down, it managed to get out of the cocoon, so the butterfly will do what is called development and drying, but this only takes a few hours. Nail polish to be very pretty and beautiful is where butterflies become very vulnerable and dangerous. Because butterflies themselves are so beautiful they don't have the strength to protect themselves from predators.

after the butterfly is ready and has the strength, the butterfly will try and learn to use its wings for the first time. after normal, the adult butterfly will fly which has a beautiful and charming color shape.

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