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7 symbiotic examples of parasitism


7 symbiotic examples of parasitism

Parasites are organisms that get their food from other organisms while the food organism that is to be digested is also called the host. In general, the symbiosis of parasitism is the relationship between two living things of different types, but one party will be harmed and the other will benefit.

It can also be interpreted that 1 living being is beneficial or very benefited, but another living being will be harmed by its symbiotic partner. For more details, the following will give examples of what the symbiosis of parasitism is. 

Symbiosis of humans with mosquitoes 

Mosquitoes themselves are animals that really bother humans, mosquitoes often bite and suck from the human body. There are even certain types of mosquitoes that can cause very dangerous diseases such as dengue fever or malaria. 

the advantage that mosquitoes get, namely getting blood and a breeding ground for humans, are only harmed and are exposed to deadly mosquitoes when exposed to dengue fever. 

The symbiosis of humans with hookworms 

Hookworms are organisms that are located in the human intestine and are also quite dangerous for humans themselves, this is because hookworms absorb blood in the body. 

The benefit will only be obtained by hookworms, while humans are harmed and can cause anemia, so this relationship is a symbiotic parasitism.

Symbiosis of humans with tapeworms 

Moreover, an example of symbiosis of parasitism, namely humans with tapeworms living in the human body get free food, making tapeworms the essence of human food. 

The benefits of our worms are getting food and shelter, while human tapeworms are the causes of diseases called the theory of taniasis and cysticercosis.

Flea symbiosis with other animals 

Fleas are organisms whose bodies are small and eat by sucking the blood of other living things. This connection is broken with carbon, cow, goat, dog is an example of parasitism. 

fleas get full benefit from getting food and shelter while other animals will be harmed as a result of getting itching.

A symbiosis of fleas with humans 

Lice that exist in humans are found in the hair, with lice on our heads, it will cause itching and discomfort. the advantage that lice get, namely getting food and shelter. The disadvantages that humans get are itching caused by lice. 

Symbiosis of Reeds with production plants 

The next example of symbiosis is the relationship between Imperata and Imperata-producing plants. Imperata are weeds for the culture of production plants but Imperata causes losses in production facilities. 

the profit derived from Imperata receives mineral water and sunlight from production while for the production facility it is punished because the 2 plants compete in the water and the minerals are damaged by the poison caused by Imperata. 

Symbiosis of vampire bats with mammals 

bats that suck blood often suck blood from mammals because this symbiosis of vampire bats and mammals is a symbiosis of parasitism. the benefits obtained from the bats get food while for mammals whose blood is sucked will experience losses.

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