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7 examples of symbiotic mutualism


symbiotic mutualism relationship between various living things at a certain place and time. Which has a close relationship between two different organisms, while mutualism itself is the result of the mutually beneficial relationship between two living things. 

So we can conclude that the symbiosis of mutualism between two living things is beneficial for both organisms. This means that this symbiosis is two living things that are involved and can benefit from each other. For more details, let my friends give an example of a mutualism symbiosis.

 Symbiosis between flowers and butterflies 

The relationship between flowers and butterflies is a symbiosis of mutualism, the most famous of which is that butterflies will suck the honey and nectar in the flower petals to be used as food for the butterflies. In this process, the ball will benefit the flower, which will later become pollination.

 The advantage that butterflies get is that they get food by sucking on honey and nectar. Instead of flowers, they will get their own benefits, namely the help of the pollination process.

 A symbiosis of fleas with ants 

is an organism that is classified as a parasite which if it looks for food by sucking the sap of the year, the ants will come to press the back of the photo so that the sap that has been sucked from the body of the tick will be ejected and eaten by the ants. ants have a role to help lice by looking for food by bringing them to the tree which has a large size and has a lot of sap. 

The advantage that ants get is getting food from lice sap, while the advantage that fleas get is their help to find food by the ants. today is the relationship of two living things that enter with a symbiosis of mutually beneficial mutualism.

Symbiosis of small intestinal bacteria with human intestine 

Ecoli bacteria, which are commonly referred to as intestinal bacteria, are also included in symbiotic mutualism, this is because the bacteria that are in the intestine function to reduce the growth of bad bacteria which can accelerate the disintegration process in the large intestine in humans. 

The advantage obtained is that it is able to prevent the growth of bad bacteria and the degradation will be accelerated. The special benefits of ecoli bacteria are that they can get food leftovers from the human colon.

 Owl symbiosis with the

farmer Humans who have jobs as farmers also have a symbiotic relationship with mutualism, it turns out that with this one bird, owls in general, owls are always able to prey on rats in the farmer's land.

This is included in a mutual relationship for farmers because owls can prey on mice and those who eat rice can be reduced. while the advantage that the owl gets is that it has sufficient food needs, while farmers are also lucky or have the advantage of losing rats that damage rice.

 Mushroom symbiosis with algae 

The relationship between fungi and algae is one example of fungal mutualism which will make the environment moist and also so that it can grow and do photosynthesis, then fungi can also get a part of photosynthesis.

The benefits obtained from algae plants can carry out a process called photosynthesis, while the benefits obtained by fungi get food from this process. 

The symbiosis of plants with humans 

The relationship between humans and plants is also included in the symbiosis of mutualism. Maybe we know it and we also feel the daily benefits of plants and humans needing each other. 

Humans emit carbon dioxide which later helps photosynthesis in the process of finding food while oxygen is produced by plants from this process and later inhaled by humans.

 Symbiosis of crocodile with bird plover 

The symbiosis carried out by these 2 animals is an example of mutualism, namely eating the dirt in the mouths of the crocodiles while the crocodiles will benefit from it. 

The advantage that the plover bird gets is getting food while the crocodile is free from disease because the dirt can be cleaned by the presence of the plover bird eating the food scraps. 

Dian from me, I hope that reading this article can make you more insightful and can become a useful knowledge, so from me, more or less, I'm sorry

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