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Tips for opening a business in 2021 and fatal mistakes to avoid

 At that time, it goes on and on by itself from day to day month to month year to year until now, let's discuss a little in society, are there ideas for doing business, let's discuss a little in society whether there are business ideas from us who are young and do you still have the energy to be able to open a new business that can make SMEs progress in Indonesia. many people are also afraid of failure in building any business but that is an obstacle that is mandatory if you want to make a business, never give up if you have aspirations.

ever it is true that an entrepreneur must be able to prepare all scenario strategies if it fails then we have to try again and try again and the risk we get is something we will definitely get from every success or failure.We already know that it is difficult to want a business, but that does not mean that if you want to be successful, if you want to be successful, you want to work hard and you want to be successful, then strategy execution.

 Tips for opening a business in 2021 

Take care of business license 

If you are currently planning to create and build a business by going national, even going international is and professional, then managing a business license is what can be used because of a business license and other legal documents and documents, you need to take care of the business license. 

The benefit that is obtained from a person who has a business license is that it can be used as a means of law enforcement as well as developing businesses and developing cooperation with industry on the other side of the government. 

Plan a strategy that is so mature 

other status if you want to be successful, first plan what business you want to be involved in and what business to be executed immediately for your business practice, determine once the target market for a business and first identify which consumers are targeted to buy your goods. 

enter heaven in all the financial support that you build. Later in your business, if your physical condition is built from your own capital, your heart will be chicken, but if you have capital, you have to be more enthusiastic about being able to reverse your capital and we can be successful and be able to prosper others too. 


The following is my Riba this time, I hope that by reading it, you can add insight, all friends, thank you for reading, more or less, I'm sorry.

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