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The development of digital marketing in 2021


How will the development be in the world of digital marketing in 2021? This question will be very much in the minds of online business people who are starting to build preparing strategies for their digital marketing. 

often because all the developments of that era have changed and technology is increasingly craze as we often see that digital is now everywhere and more and more people are using the internet. 

One of the most influenced by digital is that now a lot of marketing can be used online market a brand or a product. because now in Indonesia, digital marketing or other terms, namely a digital marketing word, are talked about a lot because of its benefits.

talking about digital or online marketing, of course we are often made curious, not from talking about how digital or online marketing, of course we are often made curious not from a development in 2021.

for those of you who already know how to penetrate the world today or can be called digital marketing, there is a lot of knowledge that we need to learn and we must know.

 The development of digital marketing that has a good position in 2021.

Virtual reality 

virtual reality itself is a strategy in marketing to promote a brand or product. Through virtual reality as one of the promotional media, you must be smarter in offering whatever information about your product so that your company can get a lot of benefits. In Korea, it could also be for an open gallery or event.

Instagram stories 

There is no need to go at length, how much longer do we know that Instagram Stories until now is able to get uniform money, this is a social networking site that is widely accessed by people often because the time running features on Instagram is increasing.

And now Instagram is almost used by many people, one of the features in it is the Instagram feature. Are you aware that Instagram can be used to promote an item because of the increasingly advanced digital developments in Indonesia. By utilizing this instastory, Instagram can be an option for promotional media because it can be through photos or videos known as the name is instastories.

Internet of things

Internet of Thing itself is a digital technology that is increasingly being used by companies in product promotions. Again, this is used to be able to digital players. Can be used with this marketing. 


The following is my article this time I hope that reading it can add to my friends' insights, more or less I'm sorry, thank you for reading this article, it can be used so it can be shared with others.

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