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Seo role for UKM


In fact, there are a lot of different roles for SME businessmen and many start-up businesses in digital today. Shio is that it has many benefits for SMEs, which in fact the most is to be able to generate as much traffic as possible. SEO is able to bring many benefits.

Due to a lack of understanding for business people about the most important words in Seo for their business can cause them to fall behind other competitors. Other SME entrepreneurs are very and want to adapt well, often from the mouth of the use of the internet and the increasing number of people in Indonesia from its use. For current SME.

ugm business people who think that I am expensive has changed the newspaper, it's better if we don't share a little about how we think we bring this article to invite you to be able to take advantage of everything SEO for marketing your digital product marketing.

 What is SEO 

Shio is a series of efforts made on the web master with the aim of being able to get the website and increase the number of visits or traffic In search there, Google later So it is not enough for us to know only about business websites but also business people, okay, it must be able to use their brains to think about how to make a website with SEO and how to find the keywords.

Important thing for SMEs in start-up business 

Many of the UKM UKM wants to use the zodiac to be able to optimize all their products in Google search so that later there will be a lot of impact and get money. Thinking it's not wrong but it's also not all right. In my opinion, 

the most important thing in the cell is for KM to be able to understand the business itself and know that their target is whose optimization is for whom and whose keyboard is who is looking for and there is also what we have to provide with high competitor competition if our knowledge is still below. for a SME business,

it will be very effective if you are capable in medical and its translation and optimize it plus the keywords according to the locked area if all of that is carried out then there is nothing impossible that you must have a lot of quality vision or traffic 


here is my article this time I hope that by reading it can add to the insight of friends all the house can apologize, thank you for reading, if this can be useful then it can be given to other friends. Okay, see you

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