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5 Indonesian and international freelancer sites


5 Indonesian and international freelancer sites Do you want to find a freelancer site in Indonesia or abroad that can be used as income online? insights of future friends. as we know that there are many skills that can be used as a profitable online business field and can be run anywhere from anywhere and anytime.Syahrini becomes a freelance worker is a profession that most people do today. 

What is freelance?

In short, the meaning of freelance is work where someone does certain work independently and is not bound by a long-term agreement or contract with an individual or an institution or company. List of freelancer sites in Indonesia: 

1. Indonesian freelancers

transfer is one of the best and largest sites in the world and in Indonesia. Indonesian freelancers originating from Australia. On this site, everyone can have various services and expertise, you can sell services such as journalism and website creation and others.

Every day flilancer should be able to find jobs on this site because each job is accompanied by a complete explanation starting from the job description, the skills required by the job and deadlines. before joining here make sure you have a credit card or Paypal in the payment process through the platform. 

2. Project 

Freelancer sites here are very popular, especially for freelancers in Indonesia, such as freelancer sites. You can sell various types of basics that are on the project. Besides that, the Google project can also buy and sell products such as website templates, 

ebooks, and others. The unique hotel here and there is due to an affiliate system. Sad if a person is registered on projects and promotes a job and a transaction occurs then that person can get 10 to 20% commission on the project.

3. Sribulancer 

who is not familiar with Febri Lancer Lancer is an Indonesian website that is so popular because of the freelancers in Indonesia. this site freelancers can sell their skills as usual writing online marketing graphic translators and so on. 

told to go home the worst the silencer can find and get a job in two ways: The first is being able to apply for jobs in open status. and the oldest can be appointed directly by the owner of the job with a ferry marbles profile and assumes that you are needed.

The process of transactions on this site has many choices and tends to be easy, for example starting from bank transfers which are very popular with most people in Indonesia. 

4. Sribu 

Sribu is a subsidiary of the Sribulancer company, the difference is that Sribu is more focused on the design field and uses contests for the blender to get projects from clients. Sribu has a unique contest system where job owners will explain their needs there sribu.

as for some of the types of graphic designs offered by freelancers on that site, namely: Can make brochures, banners and invitation cards. Can make websites or applications. Can make short uniforms or calendars 

5. Fastwork 

there is one more point in Indonesia, the work of Indonesians, namely fastwork.id. These freelancers are free to offer their services with their respective fields of expertise. As with the Line TV website, work owners can find their best cleanser that best suits their needs.


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