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3 principles of business ethics in a business approach

application of principles is important and business ethics must also be carried out because business is a necessity for all aspects of the company. it forms values ​​and values ​​are formed from a norm of behavior of workers to the limit whether they have ethics or not.

 In the application of business ethics in a company, a healthy and fair relationship will certainly be built, that is, colleagues or competition from the community's customers and power holders in a company. they.

There are ethical principles that we must apply in the company in a book or economic theory a practice must have ethics halu are the principles applicable in all activities, none other than business activities as well. 

The principle of autonomy 

This principle is a principle that is interrelated with the existence of an attitude and the ability of an individual to take the right actions and decisions. It can be said that business people are capable and must be able to make all good and right decisions. The decision can be accounted for.

Business actors can be said to have this principle when doing business if they have full awareness of their obligations to run all the businesses they run. This means that a person can understand all areas that are worked on. 

If the business actors themselves are said to have the principle of autonomy, they are aware that the actions and decisions taken must be in accordance with certain values ​​and norms and everything they decide must have risks that occur in each of the companies.

The principle of honesty 

This gadget is the most basic principle and we must all have to have whatever the reason. because most people are successful in trying or building a business both in the modern world and all conventional hearts admit that if honestly the key is all things success in any business. 

This gadget is an important thing for the Moses to do in general. If we want to run well, we must always get the honest word so that our business is blessed by the Almighty. For a businessman who is honest himself, he is an entrepreneur who must have quality and the goods offered by consumers are not expensive,

in other words or it can be said that the seller is of high quality and is worth the price and is the honesty of a ruler. Honesty that is so great seems to have run one line of business once someone wants to cheat before being dishonest to a customer. Thank you that is the beginning of your downfall because it can't stand it anymore and the competition is higher.

 The principle of justice 

fair in this word is that all parties are involved in a business because they have that which can be treated equally as according to applicable regulations. With that scale, the parties involved in the business are able to provide all their contributions. 


The following is my article this time I hope that by reading it can add to the insight of all friends, more or less I am sorry, thank you for reading, if this can be useful, it can be shared with others.

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