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How to do Sharia property business without capital and profit


How to do Sharia property business without capital and profit

How to do Sharia property business without capital and profit -  how can we start a Sharia property business with no capital at all maybe this is one of the many questions that often arise in the heads of those who want to be able to do property business. if we are without capital it is absolutely impossible to start this business and well executed. The property business is one of the most promising businesses in the future because the sale of land and houses and buildings continues to increase from year to year so that it can be used as an alternative investment that can be profitable.

 A property business always has to do with multiple profit installments and our interest as the majority of Muslims always takes this into account because of the elements of usury that are in it. Of course we can start with the sharia clothing property business which will not be easy for business developers because financial calculations are in accordance with the value of Islamic law which does not contain an element called usury. There is no meaning that this Sharia property provides an advantage for its developers. 

Need a business consultant who adheres to sharia principles 

The step prepared is to find a business consultant in a property investment news where it is very much concerned with sharia principles. There will be a consultation on any property business that you want to do. consultants who have a big role in where the decisions that will be taken care of and are taken are usually a Sharia business consultant who certainly understands everything a business you have to do with sharia to start a Sharia property business really understands its knowledge in Islamic Sharia buying and selling rules. 

Provide sufficient capital 

 If you are a property business, you must be able to provide a guarantee to later build a smooth life like and protect it from the fasum and fasos. Cash flow in every property business must be able and continue to run from all directions so that we may not run out of funds later. as a property business you must be able to provide the requirements, namely interest-free developer loans, for example, only us with a flat 18 months and a maximum of about 2 years where the amount of value can be paid by buyers at a low price and divided by the length of the installments. the benefits that we take and can get from Cindy. You can get the sale value of the house and the origin of the loan interest required. 


The following is my article this time, hopefully it is useful and can add insight and knowledge, more or less I am sorry, thank you for reading, if this can be useful then it can. to other friends so that the language is also increased.

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