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Capital under one million to build a promising business opportunity


Capital under one million to build a promising business opportunity

Capital under one million to build a promising business opportunity - Is there still an opportunity with a capital of 1 million to build a business. Maybe many people think that this doesn't make sense, but actually there are businesses that are run with less than nominal capital of 1 million. Now many types that appear with only a small amount of capital that can later be run are tips for people who are short on capital. Even though your capital is thin, don't be someone who is afraid to start a business. At this point, if you have a capital of under one million, here are tips for some great opportunities.

 Variety of business opportunities whose capital is below one million 

As mentioned earlier, small capital does not mean that the potential profit is small from large capital, but many large successful businesses only start with small capital. 

Selling electrical pulses 

The business of selling pulses can be started with only a capital of under Rp. 1,000,000 because some credit agents can get and reap profits of up to 5 million per month. the motor from building a business to becoming a credit agent with only Rp.300,000. Each of the credit sales can get. Until 2003 it happens 100 times in one day, so you can get Rp200,000 per day, a lot, right friends. 

Selling snacks or snacks 

There are so many types of snacks that people like and businesses are looking for from building these cuttings, there are many categories with a capital of under one million, you can later run this business using a small amount and drink. Some of the best-selling snacks are bread chips or fried foods. If you want to build a durable business then choose old foods such as chips, but if you want to choose fast food then fried but in demand.

Doing private tutoring business 

 you now have a skill to be able to get money from you, so the easiest thing to open a private tutoring is an option that you can try. With a capital of just under one million, you can and are able to open private lessons with your expertise. The main capital, of course, is father's expertise and also has transportation costs and trying to communicate with students later on. 


The following is my article this time I hope that reading it can add to my friends' insights more or less as long as I'm sorry, thank you for reading this article, it can be useful so share it with other friends.

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