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3 unique strange and profitable Dutch businesses in Indonesia


3 unique strange and profitable Dutch businesses in Indonesia - what a profitable business is, there are only a lot of opinions that say if a unique business is a business that is different from others or types that already exist today. Many of these businesses are unique in that Indonesia is the same but the presentation and problems are different. Hello, again,

what business is profitable if Om Bob Sadino said that a profitable business is that the business that is being carried out is not only planned or not only in theory or not just imagined, right? You have built a business that is not only unique but must also have an essential or value and also have a target market and are profitable for those of you who want to have a unique business. 

Business selling fresh air 

Humans will not be able to live if there is no such thing as air, of course Sumerta all the richness of drink and food will be meaningless if we cannot breathe what is called fresh air. Currently in countries the supply of fresh air will decrease due to dirty smoke waste originating from factory motor vehicles that are polluting the air if the smoke waste causes the variety of air on earth to be reduced continuously. a man who originally came from China was inspired to make a fresh air poem for sale in the local community, it was taken from Jen, a far away area from which he was processed to package it in a can and market it.

Business apologizes to someone 

Do you now have difficulty apologizing to someone? There must be so many people who experience O Allah for that very diverse reason, some are prestigious and some are difficult to express words and there are also many other reasons. There is no Japan there is this unique business selling services to replace positions if when apologizing to other people the methods also vary, usually via email or in person or by apologizing. tennis there are a lot of people who need this service because nowadays Indonesians are proud to be wrong and admit to apologizing.

 The gas station business is running 

How do you when you run out of gas in the middle of the road, it must be very annoying, which is the thing that often happens when you experience a long traffic jam. There is a company in America that sees this business opportunity and provides its services, namely the gas station is running, they are actually only two gasoline, the difference is they go to the consumers. 


 Here are three times, hopefully how to read it can add to your insights, more or less I apologize, thank you for reading the scanning one benefit of mango can be held by another.

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