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3 of the largest online shops in the world that exist today


3 of the largest online shops in the world that exist today

3 of the largest online shops in the world that exist today - Currently there are dozens of large online stores in the world that have many customers from various countries even though this e-commerce business is very dense and there are lots of competitors and we can easily find it on the internet but international online shops. 

These internet users are increasing every day every year and the increasing number of internet users choose to do an online transaction and make the growth of the online shop more and more profitably multiply. of the many online stores ranging from small or large in the world, here are some other figures who control most of the online market and are currently popular: 


a site whose name is Amazon is the largest online store site at this time Amazon was founded and was founded by Jeff Bezos in around 1995 in America. This was once the largest international buying and selling site that could only sell books online and now Amazon has now controlled some an existing online marketplace in the United States.

The growth of internet users in America is so large due to the development of Amazon's business because it is fast and rapid. Initially, Amazon could only sell books, expand its business by selling various products. Currently, from the product category on Amazon, there are a lot of goods. home electronics as well as others. This highly trusted online shop site is also expanding to other countries such as Iceland, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, and others.

EBay online shop 

eBay is different from Amazon is a site for auctioning goods online. This online shop can and was founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1955 and is based in San Jose in the United States of California. The concept of an IP business is customer to customer and business to customer. On this site, people can sell and buy goods from a service around the world with the auction system. 

eBay does not only use the auction method to expand its services by providing options by now shopping by UPC, online trending classifieds and various other services to be able to survive taxis on IP You must have an account called a PayPal account. 

Alibaba online shop 

Alibaba itself is an m-commerce store originally from China, which is one of the sites that buy and sell at the international level when running its business Alibaba offers its methods, namely customer-to-customer business to customer and business to business to Alibaba site users. 

Besides being able to be used for selling, Alibaba can also provide electronic shopping and other computing payments. hello papa was founded by a man named Jack Ma in 1999 whose goal was to be able to connect producers in China with buyers in other countries. 


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