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2 ways to get venture capital


2 ways to get venture capital

2 ways to get venture capital - how to get a motorbike from a business that is done using various options, depending on your current situation. looking for an inner capital for our business we need a guarantee that can be through banking or with our friends and family.

however this is not always easy but There are conditions that must be met in borrowing a capital. The motor of a business now becomes important when you want to build or even want to develop more of your business so that later it will be successful, even though many people say that businesses should use money, it turns out that on average the rulers can be successful because of this capital factor .

oh what we need to know if actually looking for capital is not as difficult as a few years ago because in this day and age there are ways to get a venture capital that will be sought by business people as a source of capital. 

Borrow business capital from a bank with guarantees

 borrowing money from a bank for your capital is something that is often done by many people or many other entrepreneurs. Usually banks offer a guarantee loan that we know as a multipurpose loan. the guarantee of the loan is that the customer is usually for a motorized vehicle or property. 

The interest on a sea cucumber capital loan is quite large, between 12%, with a payment tenor ranging from 5 years to 20 years, depending on how much you borrow the capital it will be approved. For the USA to open ayam Abang, they certainly have a people's business credit program, but for business people who are not included in the SME, the choice of loan funds usually uses a multipurpose credit card.

Business capital loans from banks without collateral 

 Apart from a money loan guaranteed by the bank having a credit facility without collateral, this type of loan is quite in demand by motorbike seekers because they do not need to provide guarantees to other banks. Unfortunately, because of this KTA loan, the interest is high, while the size of the KTA interest is 23% depending on what they borrow and how long it takes for them to pay it off. For entrepreneurs who now or later want to get capital using words, 

it is advisable to be able to take short installments because it feels that the installments are heavy but the total with the overall payment will fall smaller than those of the long installment tenor, just take the small ones, friends.


The following is my article this time I hope that reading it can add to the insight of friends, sorry, thank you for reading, if this can be useful, it can be returned to others.

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