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2 the impact of communication errors please business


2 the impact of communication errors please business

2 the impact of communication errors please business - the impact of a communication error is so fatal. The consequences are for the continuity of a business. We must know that business and communication are important in building any vision, good communication will be applied continuously. Communication is a process where they are exchanging information that involves a community group or two people who are able to create and use that information by connecting from other people and in other environments. 

With a good communication, later we can provide another information and get a trust. in the communication business has an important role such as the process of meeting business with other people or the marketing process, an entrepreneur has the ability to communicate well so that his business will run with expectations and accordingly. but some people make mistakes in communicating that mistake can lead to misunderstandings for business people so that it appears that continuity is carried out.

Misunderstanding will occur 

information that is often misunderstood by people who are communicating can lead to a word of misunderstanding. This misunderstanding is not without consequences Of course this can have a negative impact on business activities. every individual must have a different perspective and perception of an event and often that someone's speech can be misinterpreted by the interlocutor, this makes it possible that some people think something is normal if they misunderstand. However, 

when talking about the word business, when there is a word of misunderstanding in communication it can have a negative impact on that person and this person or it can be said that both parties as business actors must be able to convey and receive all information appropriately and well. It is even better if we are able to confirm all the information available to the other person so that later there is no such thing as a misunderstanding when we communicate. 

Making business performance that is not optimal 

Basically, the performance that cannot be maximized is due to many factors, one of which is because we received the wrong information. the wrong information we receive will result in poor performance and not in accordance with expectations. This often happens if business people work for fast work processes and there are many disturbances around. There are times when a person must understand all the information obtained so that if he is working and it is not appropriate and desirable, the output that can be produced will not match expectations.


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