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2 causes of new business failure


2 causes of new business failure

2 causes of new business failure - knowing from a business failure from the start is a distinct advantage from us being able to find and anticipate it, indeed, from failure in the business world is natural, but that is also us if it happens to anyone but is there any harm in minimizing this failure in various ways and efforts that must be done. 

There are many who suggest that prospective entrepreneurs can immediately spend their failed rations, but no one knows that how many failures must be passed. Business motivators are very good at talking, but basically what is in the real world we must experience from and we must know and study the causes of our failure, big or small, so that we no longer experience such a thing as a failure. 

The most common cause of business failure 

The causes from Subang to Calpis can be of various kinds, it can be from external factors or internal factors and in general there are many of the following Don't know and don't understand the business 

Being carried out 

Before we start a business, we must know about the business that will be carried out and it will be even better if the business is in accordance with the interests and talents of one's abilities. building a business is not only about producing services or goods but must know what they need, the community needs and other demands.

In fact, if we are not experts in the field of business that we are working on, at least we have to work with and with other people so that the experience in this field will increase. Running his business try to be fun !!! Running a business is not gambling if your business is done only by trial and error and to seek a profit of 5% 50% even though some people think it is like that. If we build a business, we have to know and tasks that can drain our mind of our energy on a business trip, there will be many possibilities that we face and serious conflicts that we must go through later. all these challenges cannot be overcome if it's just fun or trial and error in starting a business. fad then your business will quickly go out of business. 


 The following is my article this time I hope that reading it can add to my friends' insights, more or less I'm sorry, thank you for reading, if this article can be useful, it can be caused to other friends so that their insights also increase.

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